BlackBerry Dumps T-Mobile After It Flaunted Its Relationship With The iPhone

BlackBerry is in kind of a tough place right now. First, back in January, everyone thought the struggling company had a big order from the Pentagon… which turned out to not be true. Then, one of its main squeezes, T-Mobile, started offering up the iPhone 5s for free as a “great offer for BlackBerry customers.” That was the last straw, prompting BlackBerry to dump the phone carrier.

According to Reuters, BlackBerry says it won’t be renewing a deal that allows T-Mobile to sell its products. It’s a pretty bold move for BlackBerry as the company is trying to stage a comeback in the hearts of customers who are only becoming more entranced with competing smartphones.

But after T-Mobile blatantly held hands in front of the country with that iPhone thing, it’s over, despite T-Mobile’s John Legere trying to smooth things over afterward.

BlackBerry won’t ditch existing customers on T-Mobile’s network and will still provide them service, or for anyone who buys products still in T-Mobile’s inventory.

“BlackBerry has had a positive relationship with T-Mobile for many years,” BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen said in a brief statement. “Regretfully, at this time, our strategies are not complementary, and we must act in the best interest of our BlackBerry customers. We hope to work with T-Mobile again in the future when our business strategies are aligned.”

In the meantime, the three other major carriers continue to offer BlackBerry devices, which means it’s not totally alone and will have someone to sit on the couch with, eat ice cream and watch The Mindy Project. Can you believe what’s going on with Danny?!? I can’t even.

BlackBerry severs sales ties with T-Mobile US [Reuters]

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