Waitress Nets $1,000 Tip, Tickets To Hawaii, A New Car & Her Dream Job In Best Prank Ever

This is what joy looks like. (Break.com on YouTube)

This is what joy looks like. (Break.com on YouTube)

We know, we know — you’re feeling weary of all things April Fool’s Day/prankish. But bear with this one, because it’ll probably make your insides feel warm and glowy, whether through jealousy or because a deserving waitress just got a crapload of awesome tips during her shift as part of a delightful prank.

Usually when we hear about waitstaff receiving exorbitant tips, the whole thing is shrouded in mystery and the tipees fade back into the money-filled night like the fairy godmothers they are.

But in this case, Break.com set up and filmed the whole thing with the help of the waitresses coworkers and others planted at the restaurant.

She’s raised her sister from childhood, successfully overcome an eating disorder and started a non-profit yoga business to help others battle eating disorders and is generally a great person, her friends and family say. Which is probably why she tried to split up her first tip with coworkers, $1,000 she receives in cash from a generous customer.

By the end, she’s netted two tickets to Hawaii for vacation, a job working on a yoga program to help others with eating disorders and oh yeah, a new car.

The only surprising thing is how long it takes her to realize this is an awful lot of good luck for one person. But maybe I’m just that jaded — heck, I’d be suspicious as soon as someone left me vacation vouchers in lieu of a $5 tip.

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  1. Snarkapus says:

    Nothing like starting the morning with tears in your eyes.

  2. Ebucel says:

    I sure hope that they payed for the Taxes gift\sales tax on that car for her.

    Everyone seems to forget that if you win a car you have to count it as income on your taxes at the end of the year and pay taxes on not just the income but also sales tax and other taxes.

    With other winning you can get x% withheld for taxes kind of hard to do that with a physical object.

    This was an awesome thing to do. I just hope they help her with the taxes.