At The Melting Pot, Kids Eat Free For $15

At Erica’s local Melting Pot, they have what sounds like a super fun event, a Little Chefs dinner where kids can cook macaroni and cheese fondue and a chocolate dessert fondue, while wearing chef hats and learning the magical ways of cheese and chocolate. That sounds fun…but Erica received an e-mail from the restaurant that made this all seem very confusing.

“Check out this email from the Melting Pot I just received! Kids eat Free!” she wrote. “For this promotion, ‘free’ is defined as $15.”

That’s one way to look at it. It could also be that kids eat for free, but it costs them $15 or $25 to cook. Actually, it looks like the people who put together this e-mail scrambled the text for the Little Chefs event and the graphics for a separate event where kids do eat for free, with the purchase of an adult entrée.

Melting Pot is a franchised restaurant, but we checked in with their national media relations team to make sure we’ve got the confusion sorted. If they get back to us, or if Erica lets us know that they’ve issued a correction e-mail, we’ll update this post.

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  1. lmbrown says:

    It seems pretty clear to me that kids eat free and the charge is for participation in some sort of food prep class.

    • Thorzdad2 says:

      It’s not really that clear. “Clear” would be an unequivocal explanation of terms and costs. Instead, “Kids Eat Free” is in big headline type, while the $15 fee is buried in the text. And, really, making the distinction that you pay $15 to cook your own mac-n-cheese, but you get to eat it for free is lame, shameful marketing.

      I hope the flyer has been cut-off or something, since the asterisk on “Kids Eat Free” isn’t explained anywhere. Maybe the legalese explaining why “free” means “$15 self-prep fee” is somewhere in teeny-tiny type?