Postal Carrier Accused Of Trashing 1K Pieces Of Mail Because He Didn’t Feel Like Delivering Them

For someone who doesn’t work for the United States Postal Service, it would be annoying to stop every few feet and drop something off. But when you’re a mailman, that’s your job, annoying or not. One postal carrier is accused of dumping over a thousand letters and packages — just because it was a bother to actually deliver them.

Federal agents started watching a 24-year-old Long Island postal carrier this month when residents along his route started complaining that they were missing mail they’d been expecting, reports the New York Post.

An agent tracked the postal carrier during his workday and was shocked when the worker allegedly dumped a stack of mail into a park’s trash bin. Officials say he later admitted to trashing mail about 15 times between December and March.

He’d just started working in June, but that newbie status doesn’t fly far with the feds, who found about 1,018 pieces of mail at four of the carrier’s dumping sites.

The defendant “further stated, in sum and substance, that he knew it was wrong to throw away mail,” the complaint states.

He’s now facing a charge of mail destruction, a felony that could come with up to five years in jail if he’s convicted.

While he’s still working for the USPS until the criminal charges are resolved, he’s not in charge of delivering anyone’s mail, an agency spokeswoman said. Smart move, considering he didn’t like doing that in the first place.

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