Red Robin’s Wine & Vodka Milkshake: Because Who Needs To Be Classy These Days, Anyway?

(Red Robin)

(Red Robin)

No longer will you have to combine your own wine, vodka, ice cream and fruity flavors by the glow of your home blender and call it My Special Juice so no one knows what you’ve done! No judgement, seriously, but wine milkshakes are out in public now, thanks to Red Robin’s new Mango Moscato Wine Shake.

Booze milkshakes are nothing new, as anyone’s Fun Uncle Jerry knows, but usually one thinks of alcoholic mixtures concocted with rum or vodka, not wine. But hey, Red Robin just wants to do whatever will bring the customers to the yard (yes, had to make the Kelis “Milkshake” joke).

“These products are more for show than for blow,” the CEO of a consulting group tells USA Today. “It’s badge value for them.”

Indeed, Red Robin had success in the past with another novelty drink, its O’Fest Beer Shake two years ago.

But are these sugary, boozy drinks going to give kids the wrong idea?

Not according to Red Robin, which says the alcoholic shakes are in a separate, adults-only section of the menu (ostensibly behind some kind of curtain in the back of the menu).

“We’re not a big party restaurant,” the chain’s chief marketing officer explains. “But for a mom to enjoy a wine shake with a burger is reasonable — and fun. It won’t be one of our highest-selling item, but there will be people who love it.”

And I’m proud call many of those people my nearest and dearest. This one sounds right up your alley, people who shall remain nameless. I look forward to hearing your reactions.

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