Diners At Downtown Disney Restaurant Treated To Free Water Show When Fish Tank Bursts

When tourists visit any Disney attraction, the idea is there’s going to be some kind of entertainment. But diners at one of the Downtown Disney restaurants surely weren’t expect the main attraction to be a giant fish tank bursting open, releasing a gush of water and swimming things.

Witnesses told the Orlando Sentinel (Beware: link has video that autoplays) that when the tank burst at T-Rex Cafe, it was accompanied by “a big noise.”

“There was a lot of commotion,” a diner who’d been eating 20 feet or so away explained. “The whole section just sort of went crazy.”

Workers immediately tried to herd out those in the area of the insta-flood, but of course, plenty of people stayed around to take pictures on their phones.

Employees scooped the fish into a net as the water dropped and brought out cleaning equipment quickly, the witness said.

“The staff — they were doing the best job that they could,” she said. “It was craziness. Just kind of people freaking out. It’s not something that you see very often. How do you respond to that?”

It’s unclear exactly what caused the tank to burst, but the good news is there have no been no injuries reported. Unless you’re a fish… then you might not have been so lucky.

Watch the video below — it seems the crack is more of a gushing stream than an all-out shattered glass situation:

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