Refrigerator Transforms Into Freezer, No Decepticons Involved

238645-freezers-frigidaire-fkch17f7hw-d-1Who doesn’t like a multi-tasking appliance? The difference between a refrigerator and a freezer is just the temperature, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s now an appliance that can switch between the two according to your needs. Mostly, we’re surprised that we had never heard of such a thing.

This Transformafridge (we made that name up) would work best as spare cold-stuff space and not in your kitchen. That’s because it’s not a refrigerator and freezer, like most people have so they can keep both guacamole and frozen burritos close at hand. You have to pick one temperature for the whole unit and stick with it, so most households would probably use it as a standalone freezer.

If you were going to have a party, though, or needed to very gradually defrost a dozen turkeys at the same time, this would definitely be the appliance for you. The list price of the Frigidaire FKCH17F7HW is $770, and our frost-free colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports say that it performed well as both a refrigerator and a freezer on all of their tests. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes for the appliance to chill its way from the refrigerator configuration down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. You can adjust the actual temperature yourself.

In a first, Frigidaire freezer converts to a refrigerator [Consumer Reports]

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