Woman Accused Of Biting Off Fellow Shopper’s Finger Over Mall Parking Space

We always thought mall parking lots were asphalt jungles in more of a “It’s tough out there to find a parking spot” kind of way. Not an actual predator vs. prey, “I will bite off your finger if you take my spot” kind of way. On that note, guess what terrifying thing happened in a mall parking lot in New Jersey?

Yes, one woman is accusing her fellow shopper of biting off her finger during a dispute over a parking spot in a crowded mall lot, reports ABC 6.

The victim says she had just parked after circling the lot multiple times to find a spot on Saturday, pulling into one finally when she saw a car pull in and then out of a spot, then leave. She says two women then approached her car, one of them using some choice words.

“As soon as I got out of the car she started calling me all types of B-words,” the woman said of the suspect. “She got this close to my face, her nose touched my nose. She was yelling and screaming then she hit me in the face,” she claims.

She says she put her hands up in defense of her face — which is when one of the women bit her finger and nearly severed it — as she “proceeded to chomp.” We’ll leave the rest of the description there because that’s just enough for now.

The victim was taken to the hospital and released Monday afternoon. Police are now looking for the two women, saying they fled into the parking lot after the incident.

“This is an aggravated assault. There is a female here who was planning on going out to dinner with a friend, the next thing she’s hospitalized for a couple days with the possibility of having part of her finger amputated,” said a police rep.

As for whether or not her finger can be saved, the victim says she’ll know within the week if that’s possible.

“Otherwise they are going to have to amputate,” she said.

Search underway for suspects in finger-biting attack in Cherry Hill Mall parking lot [ABC 6]

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  1. CzarChasm says:

    The real question is did she steal someone’s parking space or not?

    • furiousd says:

      It’s hard to steal something which is owned by neither party. Generally we live according to certain societal norms as to who has first claim, but if the person who parked in the spot got their car in the spot first then you can be as angry as you like, but that doesn’t extend to getting out of your car and assaulting someone over it.

  2. CommonC3nts says:

    I hope the crazy attacker gets put to death over this.
    No reason ghetto trash like that should be allowed to live in society.

    • furiousd says:

      The only case I see that can be made for the death penalty is if it can be shown that the attacker had the intent to cause fatal harm. Otherwise I think the penalty should be strict because no person should have need to live in fear of his neighbor. And far too many cases of allowing a person to use intimidation or outright violence to get what they want are being overlooked. In general, persons in a society should expect that bad behaviour will be rewarded with undesired consequences. It helps us all avoid the temptation to give in to baser instincts such as anger, lust, etc. and to live in harmony with one another.