Pastor’s Website Lets Waiters Vent About Skimpy Tips On After-Church Meals

sundaysaretheworstFollowing last year’s firing of an Applebee’s waitress who dared to post a receipt from a cheapskate customer claiming to be a pastor who gives “10% to God” and thus shouldn’t be required to pay the 18% tip mandated for large parties, a real pastor at a church in Tennessee decided to create a website to remind churchgoers that they shouldn’t stiff their restaurant servers. is a place for servers to share their stories of customers who shortchange the tip, especially for those after-church meals with the family.

“We knew there was a huge disconnect between the serving community and the church crowd on Sundays,” writes pastor Chad Roberts, creator of the site. “Because there are many servers who attend our church, we began asking ourselves, ‘What can we do to begin a dialogue with the serving community? How can we let them know that not all Christians are like this?'”

Chad says he initially tried to create a Facebook page where servers could shine a light on customers who leave thin tips, but employees at restaurants were worried because their employers often had social media policies that made them careful about what they shared online.

The pastor explains that the purpose of the site isn’t just to tip-shame, but “to create conversation. Our hope is that the church crowd will read the thoughts and experiences from the serving community and that it would cause them to re-think their actions and attitudes on Sundays.”

The site has only been up since the beginning of the month and already has more than 120 stories from servers venting about being stiffed on a Sunday.

[via Eater]

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