Target Chief Information Officer Resigns, Totally Not Because Of Data Breach

As of today, Target’s chief information officer has resigned. Beth Jacob had been on the job since 2008, and is leaving before the company reorganizes its information security leadership and staff after the massive holiday season breach that hit a mind-boggling number of accounts and still has day-to-day consequences for customers.

According to the Associated Press, Jacob didn’t mention the chain’s recent data breach in her letter at all, which is interesting because no one outside of the company has able to talk about Target for months now without mentioning the breach.

The reorganization will add two new positions to Target’s leadership: a chief compliance officer and a chief information security officer. The duties that would go to an information security officer had been split between different members of the leadership, while taking charge of assurance risk and compliance were a single job. In the future, those will be separate positions, and Target will seek candidates from outside the company.

Target Tech Chief Resigns as It Overhauls Security [AP]

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