Who Wins The Streaming-Service Wars? Netflix, Pretty Much

There are many different video-streaming services available to consumers now, but it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. It all depends on what your favorite shows are, since different streaming services have their own agreements with content providers, and produce their own exclusive content as well. Which one is best? Well, what’s your favorite show?

Over at Lifehacker, they performed an analysis of the top 250 shows as tallied by IMDB, figuring out how many seasons or partial seasons each service has available from each show.

Over the whole data set, different services had their own strengths. What do you want to watch?

Missed an episode? Hulu Plus is strongest in current content, with the current season or last few episodes available for 52 of the top 250 shows.

Want sheer quantity? Netflix has twice as many different programs as Amazon Prime, total. It had about half of the top 250 shows available, which is impressive.

Want to watch “Alphas” instead of “House of Cards”? Then your only choice is Amazon Prime. It offers advantages other than streaming video, that’s true, like unlimited free 2-day shipping, but will the service be worth it with the looming price hike?

Don’t want to lose access to the show you’re watching? In that case, you’re better off buying whole seasons from Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes. However, buying access is no guarantee that you’ll be able to keep a show forever in your streaming account. Maybe download a copy just in case.

TV Streaming Head-to-Head: Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime [Lifehacker]

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    in my experience, amazon prime only wins over netflix on its late 90’s-2010 sci fi content. it’s a big part of why i have both. for example, any of the stargate tv series – disc on on netflix. any battlestar galactica (recent version) extras that aren’t in the main series of episodes? caprica? amazon prime has them, netflix has the discs.
    netflix has the modern series of doctor who streaming, but not the specials, which are included on amazon prime. actually, amazon also has prime streaming of original doctor who episodes, which netflix only has on disc for most of the episodes.
    but seriously, with netflix, hulu plus and amazon prime, i’m still paying a tiny fraction of what my directv bill used to be

  2. Mapache says:

    I wish Amazon’s interface was better. Last time I tried tos earch something it was horrible. I do like they have the old Bond movies ready to stream

    • theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

      i do my searching online for amazon and then add it to my watchlist. the interface on the roku for it isn’t terrible, but the sidescroll forever is annoying