Bacon Joins Lineup Of Ridiculous Walmart Exclusive Pringles Flavors

You know how we keep saying that “sriracha is the new bacon?” Well, over at Pringles, bacon is also the new bacon, as Pringles has introduced bacon-flavored chips to go along with the sriracha ones we told you about last week. Like those, they’re a Walmart exclusive. No, this is not a post from 2012 that accidentally got republished today.

Pringles started its run of especially wacky flavors a few years ago under new owners Kellogg. They bought the brand from the apparently less creative Procter & Gamble in 2012, and that’s when the flavor abominations started. Like dessert Pringles.

When we polled readers on the subject last fall, you were almost evenly divided on the question of whether dessert Pringles should even be a thing.

It doesn’t matter all that much what we think, though. Pringles is still the winner in all this: we’re talking about the brand, aren’t we?

SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Bacon Pringles (Walmart Exclusive) [The Impulsive Buy]

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