Everyone At The FCC & DOJ Should Be Forced To Watch This “Comcast Doesn’t Give A F#!k” Video

In the debate over whether or not to approve the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, there has been a lot of in-depth discussion of market share, divestments, fiber competition, and all sorts of other things the average cable subscriber doesn’t concern herself with because she has better things to do. What’s at risk of being overlooked is that Comcast is just a horrible company that really doesn’t care about its many millions of customers who have no other choice.

That’s why everyone at the Dept. of Justice and the FCC should put on their headphones (yes… right now; it’s a Friday afternoon so don’t look at me like that) and watch this Funny Or Die PSA that reminds us all — in very NSFW language — that Comcast just doesn’t give a, well… you know.

Comcast Doesn't Give a F*CK from Tarik Ellinger

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