Cops: Woman Dressed As Waffle House Manager Inspected Bathrooms Before Stealing Cash

We’re not sure if there’s such a thing as “method villainy” but one woman suspected of stealing from a Waffle House cash register certainly seemed to be dedicated to her role as an area manager. While posing as staff, she first made sure to complete managerial duties before allegedly plundering the cash register.

Police in southeast Atlanta tell the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a woman acting like she worked at Waffle House by wearing a uniform and just walking in like she belonged there.

The real manager told police that around 6 a.m., the suspect “entered the business and began acting as an area manager.”

She even went so far as to inspect the bathrooms and make sure all was well, going about the routine at work as other area managers are wont to do. Until she got to the money spot.

“When she got to the cash register, she turned the register key and took out about $100 in cash,” a police spokeswoman said. “This action was not part of the area manager’s routine.”

A mere four minutes after walking into the restaurant, she walked out and got into a waiting vehicle, which then drove off. We hope she remembered that Lenny asked to switch with Sara on Tuesday because otherwise the schedule will be all sorts of messed up.

Cops are considering the incident a case of larceny instead of robbery, because “there was no intimidation made nor was a weapon used.”

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