“Dunkin’ Love” Beyoncé Parody: For Anyone Who Finds Donuts More Appetizing Than Jay-Z

We might not all know what it’s like to have marital relations with Jay-Z, but one thing we Americans do know is breakfast food. Those include a whole list of items at Dunkin’ Donuts, beloved by the minds behind this parody of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” video.  Aptly named, of course, “Dunkin Love.”

Now, I have to warn you that some of the language in the aforementioned video, as well as the original, is NSFW. It’s explicit and you will find out more about Jay-Z and Bey’s sex life than maybe you wanted. Or not enough, for some of you, I’m sure.

The seemingly shot-for-shot parody featuring Reggie White and Adrian Anchondo is not so much about riding on a surfboard during an all-night sexcapade and more about the fact that you just can’t get Dunkin’ Donuts on the West Coast. For now.

For example: “I been cravin’, I been cravin’/I get hungry when I see that billboard baby/I been thinkin’/I been thinkin’/Why can’t I have you on the West Coast baby? I want you/Why can’t I have you on the West Coast baby? I want you.”

You’ll just need to watch it to appreciate it, along with the original if you are not intimately familiar with Beyonce’s beach gyrations/ode to her hubby.

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