Thieves With Hammers Pull Smash-And Grab On Costco Jewelry Cases During Store Hours

Sometimes the crimes that sound like they could never be pulled off — especially in broad daylight with witnesses all over the place — end up being ridiculously successful. A couple of allegedly no good, very bad consumers took the most obvious and literal route for a smash-and-grab at not one, but two Georgia Costco,s using hammers to smack open the jewelry case. And then they of course, grabbed stuff, because that’s how a S&G works.

This was no Mission Impossible, midnight burglary involving some kind of slinky black outfits and laser avoidance techniques, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Police say the duo brazenly bashed open the cases in during shopping hours.

Officials say the two men were caught on camera walking up to the case around 7:40 one night. They pulled out a hammer and broke the glass, cops say, shoving thousands of dollars worth of jewelry into a bag and fleeing the scene.

“Absolutely, these individuals chose what they wanted to take,” a police spokesman said. “It took less than 10 seconds. And dozens of customers were in the store.”

Apparently they’d scouted out the store earlier in the day and probably thought “Hey, what could break glass? Ding, ding.

So far the suspects are on the lam, and cops think this isn’t the first time they’ve struck Costco — a similar crime went down after that one. Both times the suspects dropped their hammers, so they’ll probably regret it when it comes time to hang new pictures on the walls. Ha, take that! No decor for you!

Police seek Alpharetta, Cobb Costco jewelry smash-and-grab thieves [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

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