Magic Olympic Fridge Provides Free Beer For Canadians Only

The nation of Canada doesn’t want its people to have to suffer without beer. While we hear alcohol isn’t in short supply in Russia in general, conditions within the Olympic Village for athletes and coaches might be different. MolsonCoors came to the rescue of Canadians far from home with a refrigerator filled with beer that opens when the user holds up a Canadian passport. Only a Canadian passport.

Molson made a version of this machine for an ad, taking it on a tour of Europe last year as a form of outreach to Canadian travelers.

This is all great publicity and very fun, but what other countries could apply the same concept? We humbly suggest a dispenser full of cheese in New York City that only people from Wisconsin can open. Or maybe a machine that dispenses Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in under-served areas.

This Canadian beer machine is the most amazing technology at the Olympics [USA Today]

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