You’re Probably Already In Line For The New, Free Sriracha Factory Tours, Aren’t You?

Check your pulse. Is it increasing rapidly? Now check your pantry. Ah yes, you’ve got sriracha sauce in there. That means the above headline has sent you into a tizzy, filling your head with visions of hot sauce fountains and sweet, sweet sriracha streams. And you don’t even need a golden ticket.

Huy Fong Foods is throwing open the gates to its fans, offering free tours of its new 650,000-square-foot factory in Irwindale, Calif. It’s the new home of the sriracha makers after moving from its old place. Part of the factory had to be temporarily shut down after the town complained over the smell, calling it a public nuisance.

That public nuisance is open and ready to show you what it’s got, according a letter from Huy Fong posted by The Sriracha Cookbook blog (h/t Los Angeles Times):

Dear Sriracha Friends:
After many months of transitioning from Rosemead and testing our new equipment, we are pleased to announce that we are now ready to invite visitors to our new building in Irwindale. Therefore, if you are interested in seeing how our Sriracha is made and how delicious it smells, we would cordially like to invite you, at your convenience, to see our facility during our regular office visiting hours, which is Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm. Please feel free to call customer service at (626) 286-8328 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.
Best regards,

But you’re already checking out flights to California, aren’t you? That’s what we thought. Sriracha is all the rage these days, it seems.

Huy Fong Foods Invites Sriracha Fans to Visit Irwindale Factory [The Sriracha Cookbook]

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