This McDonald’s Hosts Candlelit Valentine’s Dinners, With “Musical Selections By Ron”

If you’re looking for a relatively cheap and brief Valentine’s Day dinner and also happen to live near Southport, NC, then there’s a McDonald’s that is calling your name.

A Reddit user posted the above sign spotted at their local McDonald’s, advertising its 3rd Annual Candlelight Dinner on Feb. 14.

Since some people actually choose to get married at McDonald’s, it’s perhaps no surprise that they will start that romance at the fast food chain.

“Our crew will greet you at the door, seat you, take your order and deliver it to your,” reads the sign. “All you have to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy your romantic evening with your date.”

Of course, this all only takes place between the hours of 6-8 p.m., so don’t plan on extended, loving gazes into your date’s eyes.

And our favorite part:
“Featuring musical selections by Ron.”

We assume this is a reference to Ronald McDonald, but since we’re terrified of burger-slinging clowns who hang around with known thieves, amorphous purple blobs, and politicians with mammoth cheeseburgers for heads, we’re going to imagine it’s this Ron that will be providing the romantic music:

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