Old Spice Slips Phone Number Into Commercial…Where Callers Could Win Super Bowl Tickets

hairguyIn a current ad for Old Spice shampoos, a man’s hair charms a female co-worker, and she writes down her phone number. One viewer of the ad noticed something strange about that number: it was toll-free. More importantly, why didn’t it use 555 for the first three digits like most fictional phone numbers do? There was only one thing to do: call the number and find out.

What he found out was that it wasn’t just a real, connected phone number. It was part of an Old Spice promotion. A woman answered the phone, and he explained why he had called the number. The woman on the other end had a completely unexpected proposition for him.

“Well, I’m glad you [called],” she said, “because if you’re interested, I’d like to give you two Super Bowl tickets.”

He says that he didn’t believe her at first. She gave him the phone number of a colleague, who works at Old Spice’s advertising agency.

Out of about 12,000 people who called the number in the ad yesterday, there have been two ticket winners. In other news, 12,000 people called a random toll-free number that they saw in an online Old Spice ad.


The best coincidence? The winner doesn’t have to travel very far. He moved to New York City from Philadelphia just last week.

Man Calls Number in Old Spice Ad, Gets Huge Surprise [ABC News]

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