Best Buy Sends Out Coupon That Excludes Most Things You Want At Best Buy

Best-Buy-Ad-1In Kent’s city, Lincoln, Nebraska, Best Buy recently moved to a new building. To celebrate and let customers know about the move, they sent out this great coupon offering a gift card for 10% the value of your purchase. the problem: there isn’t a whole lot in the store that the offer applies to.

“I was contemplating buying a new iPad, so I thought I could use this to get a gift card with the offer,” writes Kent. “Guess again.” Usually coupons exempt logical things like gift cards and sales tax, as well as previous purchases. Excluding computers, tablets, many televisions, and a large portion of coupons?

I struggled to think of anything that I might want to buy at Best Buy that this coupon would cover. It seems like too much work. DVDs, maybe? A television under $999 and not made by Samsung, LG, or Sharp?

What can I buy?

(Click to enlarge.)

The list seems even longer when you break it down into bullet points.

  • Bose audio products
  • Beats by Dr. Dre
  • Polk Audio
  • Sonos
  • TVs $999 & up
  • Select Samsung home audio, TVs, Blu-ray & DVD players
  • Sony home audio & headphones, TVs & 3D glasses, Blu-ray players, DVD players & set top boxes
  • Select Lg TVs & Blu-Ray Players
  • Select Sharp TVs
  • Laptops, desktop computers and all-in-ine computers
  • Leap Motion Controller
  • Netbooks
  • Apple iPads
  • iMacs and Macbooks
  • Tablets
  • Monitors
  • Internal hard drives
  • Computer software
  • Computer subscription software
  • In-Home Geek Squad service
  • VoIP
  • Broadband
  • Desktop packages (packages include computer, monitor and printer)
  • Apple computing accessories
  • Wacom tablets & stylus
  • Apple iPad accessories
  • Motorola tablet accessories
  • eReader hardware & POSA cards
  • Apple iPod
  • Sony camcorders, digital cameras, NEX cameras, DSLR cameras, lenses & flashes
  • Canon DSLR cameras, compact system cameras, lenses & lashes, G1X, S110, G16
  • Nikon DSLR cameras, compact system cameras, lenses & flashes
  • Coolpix A, P520 & S800c
  • GoPro cameras
  • iPhone and iPhone mobile devices
  • Unlocked phones
  • Contract mobile phones
  • Mobile broadband devices
  • Pacific Sales products
  • Electrolux Major Appliances
  • Air conditioners, fans and dehumidifiers
  • Magnolia products: Samsung TVs and Blu-Ray Players, Epson projectors, Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan, McIntosh, Universal Remote Control, Arcam, Peachtree, Sennheiser, JVC Procision Projection, Savant, Sonus faber, Oppo and SpeakerCraft Audio and special order merchandise
  • Digital music services & download cards
  • Gift cards
  • Taxes
  • Prior purchases
  • Clearance & More
  • Marketplace items
  • Special order, clearance, demo and open-box items

We wrote to Best Buy to ask what the point of this coupon is. We’ll let you know what they say.

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