The Pasta Crapresse At This Restaurant Is Surprisingly Tasty

crapresseDon’t let the menu at this New York state restaurant fool you — the pasta crapresse does not live up to its name.

Because everyone needs a good chuckle on a cold Monday afternoon, Consumerist reader Kevin shares this photo of the menu at an eatery that never met a word it couldn’t mangle.

“The pasta crapresse is to die for,” Kevin tells Consumerist. “And the Meat Laaf a Side is nothing to joke about either.”

Interestingly enough, Kevin’s pal Eric noticed that of all the questionable spelling on the menu, “they managed to spell ‘chipotle’ correctly.”

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  1. Airwave says:

    OMG that is priceless! Thanks for giving me a new way to describe food etc.

    How was that hamburger? It was crapresse.