Sacramento Kings Make Full-Court Press For Geek Fans, Will Shoot Game Video Via Google Glass

glassfkingsAt 14-25, the Sacramento Kings’ season is all but over, but that hasn’t stopped the NBA team from continuing to make a push for relevance among its fans in nearby Silicon Valley. Only days after becoming the first team to accept Bitcoin currency at its games, the Kings have announced that their games will be using live video captured on Google Glass devices.

The team tested the tech earlier this month, putting Glass on several of the Kings players during pre-game warm-ups, and will be officially launching it during the upcoming Jan. 24 game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Sleep Train Arena, also known as “Seriously, the Best You Could Get Was Sleep Train? Arena.”

Fans at the game and at home will apparently get to see the game through the eyes of people with the best seats in the house — team mascot Slamson, the Kings dancers, sideline reporters and others who feel no shame sporting the pricey wearable computers on their heads.

Given that my 76ers have an even worse record (13-28), I’m hoping the team takes a cue from the Kings to use local Philadelphia-area companies to excite the fan base. Like, maybe have an Urban Outfitters sample sale in the concourse at Wells Fargo Center, or crank out some fresh Tastykakes during halftime?

Anyway, here is the thrilling footage recorded by Kings players on their Google Glass devices earlier this month:

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