Maytag Repairman Gets Makeover, New Job Duties

maytag_fridgeBrand spokespeople need to be refreshed every so often: just ask fictional home economist/secret Time Lord Betty Crocker. You might remember the Maytag Repairman, star of ads with a memorable premise: Maytag appliances were so reliable that the company’s repairman needed to find other ways to spend his hours.

However, the new Maytag Man is not a repair technician. He is the embodiment of Maytag appliances. Or something. Played by actor Colin Ferguson, the new Maytag Man does not spend lonely hours in his repair shop. He stands in our houses, scrubbing dishes and handing us gallons of milk.

Maytag Man gets a makeover and gets busy [Consumer Reports]

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  1. BrainDamage says:

    That’s Colin Ferguson! It’s good to see him getting work after the show Eureka was cancelled.

  2. webalias says:

    Maytag once had a great reputation, which it squandered in a few short years marked by shoddy products best known for mold, mildew, and major lawsuits. They had to shell out $33.5 million to consumers back in 2005, and class action suits are still making their way through the courts. Given the company’s in-the-toilet reputation, I’d expect it would have retrained its fabled repair staff to function as security guards — to protect its managers from legions of disgruntled Maytag consumers.