Theme Park Building $165M Full-Scale Replica Of The Titanic Because Ooh, The Titanic!

It's all fun and games until an iceberg shows up.

It’s all fun and games until an iceberg shows up.

You know what the passengers aboard the RMS Titanic were thinking on that chilly April night in 1912, while clinging to the sinking ship’s deck? We don’t know, but it probably wasn’t “I hope someday the vessel that delivered us into the hands of death is made into the focal point of a theme park.” On that note…

We’re always struggling with the question of Too soon? when companies use historic tragedies for their own purposes. But this time, it’s not like this Chinese company is alone in trying to cash in on the historic sinking of the Titanic: Heck, you can already buy a tea infuser shaped like the ship and there will soon be another Titanic setting sail with guests onboard.

But a theme park is supposed to be a happy place, so we can only imagine what kind of ghosts might be enticed to haunt this $165 million full-scale replica the company is planning for the main attraction.

Part of the allure of the ship in China is apparently the 1997 movie of the same name, you know, the one with Kate and Leo. And the whole thing is a testament to humanity, or something.

“When the Titanic was about to sink, the greatest extent of human spirit and responsibility was shown and that spirit goes beyond borders and it is eternal,” the company’s chief executive said in an interview with the state-run Xinhua news agency (via the AFP). “We chose to rebuild the Titanic in China so that such spirit can be promoted or inherited in the east.”

Not only will the ship be docked in a “prominent” position on a river, but — sigh — the replica will also recreate the experience of what it felt like to be on the luxury liner when it hit an iceberg. Reportedly. And also, sigh, again.

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