77-Year-Old Walmart Shopper Attacks Man With Cart For Having Too Many Items In Express Lane

We’ve all been in the express checkout line, grumbling about the person in front of us who has more than the maximum number of items in his or her cart. We may have even said something to this person, or complained to the cashier. But I’m guessing that most of us have not been charged with assault for attacking that other customer with a shopping cart.

NBC South Florida reports that the incident began when a 77-year-old Walmart shopper noticed that the 65-year-old in front of him may have had more than 20 items in his cart.

The younger of the two men says that as he placed his items on the conveyor belt, the older shopper behind him began counting out the items. Once he reached 20, the counting apparently turned into yelling, with the older man saying the customer could not use the express lane.

The man continued to holler until the over-the-limit shopper yelled at him to back away. At this point, the older man then went back to his cart and then, according to witnesses, intentionally pushed the cart into the other shopper’s elbow.

Employees escorted the older man out of the store, but he returned while the other shopper was still checking out, this time with his fists raised. Once again, he had to be escorted from the store.

Police eventually arrived on the scene and arrested the 77-year-old, who now faces charges of felony battery.

Man arrested after ‘register rage’ at Punta Gorda Walmart [WZVN]

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  1. CzarChasm says:

    While assaulting the guy was uncalled for, I really wish companies would either refuse to check out more than X number of items for a person, or remove the express lanes altogether. Too many people are jerks to leave it to the honor system.

    • SingleMaltGeek says:

      I was going to make a joke about them arresting the wrong person, but of course assault is never OK, even if it doesn’t cause pain or damage. If I saw a supermarket or store enforce that rule, I’d be ridiculously loyal to them for it.

  2. CharlesWinthrop says:

    “It does not do to encourage bad manners; one should retaliate, urbanely but firmly.” — Robert Heinlein
    From the article, it sounds like the 77 year old tried this approach, but as usual, there’s only one cure for stupidity.

    • SingleMaltGeek says:

      ur·bane adjective \ˌər-ˈbān\
      : polite and confident
      : fashionable and somewhat formal
      : notably polite or polished in manner

      I kinda cheered for him a little anyway, but even jostling someone a little means you’re invading their personal space in addition to the unwanted contact, so they were both clearly in the wrong.

  3. Naskarrkid says:

    I wonder how many items the guy had. If it was 25-30 items, I don’t see the big deal, but if it was an overflowing buggy of items, I’d be irritated. With that said, I have done this myself, but only because every non-express checkout was backed up to the clothing section, and I was in and out faster than I would have been if I waited.

    • Snarkapus says:

      I was the guy behind you badmouthing your selfishness and inconsideration acting like the whole world should revolve around you.

    • CzarChasm says:

      That dog poop on your car that you thought came from the neighborhood teenagers? It didn’t.

  4. Airwave says:

    Thank goodness neither man had a gun!

  5. Terryc says:

    I will admit to having over the limit once or twice. That being saidI only have done it If I have multiple items of the same thing. I ask the clerk to hit say 3 for the 12 packs I have and don’t even put it all up to be scanned. Does this still make me a bad person?

  6. jokerfla says:

    Cranky seniors. Somebody needs to give them a hug.