77-Year-Old Walmart Shopper Attacks Man With Cart For Having Too Many Items In Express Lane

We’ve all been in the express checkout line, grumbling about the person in front of us who has more than the maximum number of items in his or her cart. We may have even said something to this person, or complained to the cashier. But I’m guessing that most of us have not been charged with assault for attacking that other customer with a shopping cart.

NBC South Florida reports that the incident began when a 77-year-old Walmart shopper noticed that the 65-year-old in front of him may have had more than 20 items in his cart.

The younger of the two men says that as he placed his items on the conveyor belt, the older shopper behind him began counting out the items. Once he reached 20, the counting apparently turned into yelling, with the older man saying the customer could not use the express lane.

The man continued to holler until the over-the-limit shopper yelled at him to back away. At this point, the older man then went back to his cart and then, according to witnesses, intentionally pushed the cart into the other shopper’s elbow.

Employees escorted the older man out of the store, but he returned while the other shopper was still checking out, this time with his fists raised. Once again, he had to be escorted from the store.

Police eventually arrived on the scene and arrested the 77-year-old, who now faces charges of felony battery.

Man arrested after ‘register rage’ at Punta Gorda Walmart [WZVN]

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