Report: Two Shot During Altercation Over Texting During Previews At Tampa Movie Theater

Sad news out of Tampa Bay, Fla. this afternoon: Local news outlets there are reporting that two people were shot inside a movie theater today during a screening of Lone Survivor. It appears there was some kind of dispute between two couples, with at least one report saying that a man was upset at the noise made by the victims while texting during the previews.

While thus far it appears that the dispute involved texting, it’s unclear whether or not it’s been confirmed that the victims, who were seated in front of the male suspect and his companion, were texting during the previews or the movie itself. is one outlet reporting on the incident, and one if its reporters has tweeted that the shooting took place before the movie started:

According to the sheriff, the suspect and his wife got into an argument over noise and texting. An “altercation” took place and the man took out a pistol, shooting both the other man and his partner.

The male victim has died of his injuries, while the woman has been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Someone inside the theater reportedly managed to detain the suspect until police arrived and arrested him.

“It’s absolutely crazy it would rise to this level,” the sheriff said.

Two shot after dispute over noise in theater []

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