Report: More Holiday Credit Card Breaches To Be Revealed

It’s bad enough that some 110 million Target customers may have had their credit card info stolen, or that some Neiman Marcus shoppers are falling victim to ID theft following a data breach. A new report says there are a few other retailers waiting to reveal the bad news that they too were victims of credit card hackers.

Without naming names, Reuters reports that three “well-known U.S. retailers” also had their credit card information compromised, and that their might have been breaches that occurred earlier in 2013 that were never made public.

According to Reuters’ sources, the retailers involved in these alleged breaches have stores in malls, which doesn’t do much to narrow the list of possible retailers. If there is something to this story, we would expect additional leaks from the banks and credit card companies, as most news of the Target and Neiman Marcus breaches have come from these sources and not from the affected retailers.

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