Your Old American Girl Doll Could Buy You A Round-Trip Cross-Country Flight

True story, someone at Consumerist has four American Girl dolls stashed away. So maybe we were a bit spoiled as a kid, but now we’re going to be rich. Okay, maybe not rich, but we’ll have more money than we started the day with. That is, if there’s any truth to these eBay listings for gently used, retired, original American Girl dolls.

The dolls, like our precious Molly, Samantha, Felicity and Kirsten, who are off the market are fetching upwards of couple hundred dollars on eBay. Have accessories, too? Then the price can skyrocket to almost $5,000.

BuzzFeed has an impressive listing of dolls for sale, but we want to know what could you buy for all the cash you’d get from that doll from yester-year?

Say the original doll cost you about $90, and you’re selling your old friend, along with a few accessories, for $750. Then you’re making a $660 profit. Oh how the ways you can spend that.

You could buy:
• A round-trip flight from New York to California
• iPad Air, 16GB with cellular
• Three Insignia 32″ LED HDTVs from Best Buy
• Roughly a three-month supply of daily Starbucks coffee
• About 330 king-sized Snickers bars

We’re sure there’s plenty more you could buy from selling off your childhood friends. But are material things really worth throwing away a long-time friendship?

That is until the dolls alone bring in more than $1,000. We’ll reevaluate friendships then.

How Much Is An Original American Girl Doll Worth? [Buzzfeed]

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  1. Shea says:

    I had an original Samantha doll with a lot of accessories as a child. Last year I gave it to a little girl whose family couldn’t afford one for her even though I could have sold it. Sometimes it just can’t be about money.

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  2. Saber says:

    I have an original Kirsten, with her trunk/bed/accessories that I bought (I saved up all my hard earned pennies when I was a child!) and have been saving for a child my fiance and I might have – those dolls, the original ones anyways, are well-made, and in my opinion, strong cultural reminders of parts of American history that are often overlooked. I had no idea people were selling them for such a high profit, I considered the doll until now to be an heirloom you pass on.

  3. ophmarketing says:

    Hmm…we picked up a gently used Samantha doll–with a boatload of clothing and accessories–for my daughter this past Christmas for $100. Sounds like we got a good deal.