JCPenney Actually Pleased About Something, Won’t Say Why

Well well well! Looks like somebody is riding high these days. And shocker of all shockers, it’s JCPenney surfing that wave of sunshiney happy feelings. The struggling retailer said it’s “pleased” with its holiday performance, but didn’t give any specifics about those sales. It’s seeing “continued progress,” but again, that’s about all it’s coughing up. You’re so coy, JCP. [via the Wall Street Journal]

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  1. MarkyMark says:

    I haven’t shopped in JCP in like a decade but I bought a whole bunch of new blinds from and picked it up at the store. They were cordless cellular shades that are top/down and bottom/up for half off and the about the same price as a set of blinds I got from Home Depot that were just bottom/up. I was surprised that the store wasn’t too terrible looking and picking up my order was painless. The blinds however…ugh.