Mountain Dew Cheetos Are Now A Reality…In Japan

mountaindewStrange and magical things come out of Frito-Lay Japan. Things that we in Frito-Lay’s home country never get to see. The latest bit of corporate synergy/snack food horror to hit shelves across the Pacific? Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos. 

Your first question probably is, “How much caffeine do they have?” The answer: we don’t know. We also can’t answer your other inevitable question, “why?” We can, however, tell you what they taste like. Based on an on-the-scene report (tonguewitness report?) from the Redditor who shared this marvel with the world, Mountain Dew Cheetos taste like…lemon-lime chips. “While they’re not as gross as I expected, they certainly aren’t enjoyable,” says ever-helpful jumblebutt. It’s a pretty weird taste.”

Of course, chips based on sibling-company sodas are nothing new at Frito-Lay, part of Yum! Brands and sibling of PepsiCo. After all, this is the company that gave the world Pepsi Cheetos and bacon Doritos.

If you want to experience the strangeness for yourself, you can buy the Cheetos yourself from importers like JBOX. If you’ve tried them, report back to us.

Japan never fails to amaze me… Mountain Dew flavored corn chips. [Imgur] (via Brand Eating)

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