Watch Woman Totally Freak Out Over Winning $157,000 Car On ‘Price Is Right’

Let’s say you’re having a pretty lucky day, and you end up appearing as a contestant on The Price Is Right. That’s pretty awesome in itself, right? But what if there’s a $157,300 sports supercar on the line, the show’s most valuable prize ever? You’re probably gonna freak right out, and deservedly so.

On yesterday’s episode of the show, CBS says it gave away its biggest prize yet, an Audi R8. The lucky lady had appearing on the show as one of her bucket list items, so when she not only got her chance to hang out with Drew Carey on national TV but also won the insanely expensive and shiny car, well, let’s just say she was excited.

Eyes a-popping and mouth agape, the hot pink T-shirt clad contestant takes off on a few victory laps crowing her delight at winning the game “Gas Money.” Watch the video below if you’re the type that practices what your reaction would be in a similar scenario.

Or just watch it because it’s super fun and exciting.

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