Is EA Due For A Third Worst Company In America Crown?

eapoowinnerWe haven’t even begun to ask for nominations from readers for the next Worst Company In America tournament, but some are already making the case for once again giving the Golden Poo trophy to reigning two-time WCIA winner Electronic Arts.

In an article published over the weekend, the Motley Fool’s Kevin Noonan makes the argument that even while EA’s growth in recent years has been positive, the way the company treats its customer base may be dooming the video game publisher to another season the WCIA finals.

“With regard to quality control, it would be disingenuous to describe EA’s software output in 2013 in terms more flattering than ‘dismal,'” writes Noonan, citing the monstrous gaffe that was SimCity, a game that required the user to be online, but for which the company provided utterly inadequate server support, leaving many people unable to play.

And in spite of EA’s promise for better products and improved support, the company is currently still being publicly thrashed for the broken release of Battlefield 4, a game that was released with known disastrous glitches that have taken weeks to be resolved, and which has resulted in a lawsuit against the company.

But, points out Noonan, for all the griping about EA and its broken games and horrendous service, a large number of consumers are still willing to plunk down their money for EA products.

“[T]he market has yet to rebuke EA’s tendency to release incomplete games,” he writes, saying that from a business standpoint it was probably the right move for EA to unleash a cracked product to the market rather than wait to fix Battlefield 4 and miss the holiday shopping season.

Only a short time before the Battlefield boner, new EA CEO Andrew Wilson said his company’s two consecutive WCIA wins were a “wake-up call,” and promised to focus on providing the customer with a better gaming experience.

But perhaps what he really should have said was that the company’s decision to ignore those Golden Poos and continue releasing shoddy product should be a wake-up call to consumers, who should vote with their wallets and choose to not buy EA video games until the company learns to respect its customer base.

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  1. OrionBFury says:

    I’m thinking if they manage to be entered and win a third time, that they should get a lifetime achievement poo, with gold/silver/bronze going to 2nd-4th, and forever be barred from winning again. Let them be entered again, just to show how disenfranchised the people are by their actions, but if three years in a row? While their practices might not be good, other companies have wronged others by a worse extent, if not quite to the numbers that EA has.

    Though in the interest of full disclosure, I do recall voting for them for in at least the earlier rounds, but not in the finals or semifinals.

  2. crazydelirium says:

    I have to say that there are many, many worse things companies have been doing to society and consumers. I know EA has messed up several times, but can we all agree that it’s still just games, it’s entertainment! Maybe some other company should win this year to help shed light on the horrible things that can REALLY hurt people when consumers rights are not protected. Children have died, people have been crippled, lost their homes, and horrible environmental disasters have sullied our planet. I think these are all much worse crimes than releasing a “glitchy” game. Just sayin!

  3. illusio26 says:

    I knew it wouldn’t take long for someone to complain that there are more evil companies than EA. People, you are complaining about the accuracy of an internet poll. Give me a break. People hate EA. People hate other companies. At the end the day, it’s a popularity (or anti) contest on the internet. I’m not quite sure what you were expecting…