Honesty Pays Off With $11K Reward For Cabbie Who Returned Gambler’s Lost $300K

Just because it’s past December 25 doesn’t mean the Christmas spirit has left the proverbial building: An honest cabbie who turned in a bag stuffed with $300,000 in hundred-dollar bills will likely be making very merry after receiving an $11,000 reward for being a do-gooder.

The Las Vegas cab driver got a $5 tip from the poker player he drove from the Cosmopolitan to the Palms Place, but could’ve treated himself to a larger one when he found the brown paper bag with the cash inside, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

But instead, honesty won out and he spent the afternoon tracking down the money’s owner in order to return it to him, saying he didn’t want someone else’s money.

The grateful high-stakes player showed his appreciation for the act of decency with a $10,000 reward, while the cabbie’s employers said the company would chip in an extra $1,000 as well as a gift certificate worth $250 for dinner.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas but I imagine it’s the kind of town where there are lots of bags filled with cash and not so many nice people willing to return them when they’re lost, so this is especially heartwarming.

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