Subway Makes Safe Bet That College Students Like Pizza

subway-pizzasFirst we learned that Chipotle was investing in pizza, although not by serving them up in their restaurants alongside the burrito bowls. Now we’ve learned that Subway is taking their experimental instant personal pizza concept and turning it into an entire restaurant. The bad news: it’s only for college students for now.

Subway Pizza Express, as this new concept is called, takes the personal-sized pizzas that are available in some Subway stores and makes an entire restaurant out of them. They exist for a very specific and lucrative purpose: making fast personal pan pizzas for college students. There’s already one near the campus of Texas A&M University, and another is about to open at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, replacing what used to be a Sbarro in the food court.

Unlike most food court pizzerias, you can choose your own toppings just as you choose your own sandwich fillings at a Subway. They advertise the pizzas as taking only 90 seconds to go from uncooked to fully-baked, using the same high-speed toaster ovens that Subway uses to create toasted subs.

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