McDonald’s Has 10 Million Pounds Of Frozen Unsold Mighty Wings

Mighty Wings, McDonalds’ attempt at fast-food wingage, didn’t go over well with consumers. Maybe it was the pricing, well above sports bars and other wing outlets at about $1 per wing, in a restaurant that offers actual burgers for a dollar. The product didn’t take flight, and now McDonald’s is stuck with 10 million pounds of wings.

No, not 10 million wings. 10 million pounds of wings. That’s 20% of the original 50 million pounds that Mickey D’s ordered for the United States launch of Mighty Wings. That’s a lot of wings.

Franchisees aren’t huge fans of the product, and the Wall Street Journal reports that they’ve just been told that the wings have to come back. Their source tells them that McDonald’s wants to get rid of the leftover wing inventory, so there will be another Mighty Wings promotion, or the franchisees will get stuck with the Mighty Bill for all of that unsold chicken.

The solution should be obvious, McDonald’s: make the chicken and waffles thing real. Also price them reasonably. But people really seem to like chicken and waffles.

Unsold: Ten Million Pounds of McDonald’s Mighty Wings [Wall Street Journal]

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  1. oneSqueakyWheel says:

    ha- serves ’em right- pricing was a Mighty factor in their unpopularity! they need to have an affordable wing combo and then I’ll try them……

  2. SingleMaltGeek says:

    That sounds like 10 million pounds still in their warehouses. I wonder how many of the 40 million pounds that were shipped to restaurants actually sold, and how many were thrown out after they didn’t sell.

  3. Psylent1 says:

    Maybe it is because not everyone likes hot wings.

    When they first started selling these, I wasn’t sure if they were hot or not and nobody I asked knew either. That tells me there was something wrong with how they were advertised.

    • AdamStew82 says:

      Yup. My partner got an order of 5 of them, despite their price, thinking they were just plain fried wings. There was nothing on the signage, at the time, to indicate that they were spicy at all. He can’t really eat Spicy foods because of stomach issues. It sucked having to throw away nearly $6 in wings.

      The price put them solidly in the “maybe if i’m really in the mood for wings” column, and then their spiciness just made them impossible, even cheaply.

      What McDonald’s should’ve done is have a plain wing, and then use their existing dipping sauces for flavor…and maybe come out with packets of hot sauce for people who want some kick.

      They also need to cut the price in half. Seriously…They need to be the same price as their nuggets…10 for $5. Maybe 10 for $6, if you want them to be a premium product.