December Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Lurking Dairy And Sulfites

squash_gratinSulfites and hidden milk are everywhere, but not as common as actual erectile dysfunction drugs and their analogues in “natural” supplements. Welcome to the December Recall Roundup for edible items.

Our monthly Recall Roundups have grown so expansive that we’ve had to separate them into two separate roundups: one for consumer goods, and one for consumables.

If you have any of these listed items in your pantry, first check the varieties and flavors against the ones listed on the recall site or press release, then check expiration date or lot numbers.

If there’s a match, don’t panic! If an item is listed as having undeclared walnuts and you’re not allergic to walnuts, for example, you don’t have to do anything at all. You can keep the item, eat it, not eat it, or return it to the store or the manufacturer for your own peace of mind.

Items that may be contaminated with bacteria or foreign objects are worrisome for everyone, and you should return them to the retail store where you bought them, or contact the company for a refund and further instructions.

Bee International Sweet Spots – undeclared egg
Golden Lion Brand Dried Ziziphus Jujuba Mill (Dried Dates) – undeclared sulfites
Pin Hsiao & Associates Gluten Free Blueberry Mini Muffins – undeclared walnuts
Farmer Brand Dried Lily Flowers – undeclared sulfites

Del Campo Papa Seca (Dry Potato) – undeclared sulfites

Wegmans New England Clam Chowder – undeclared crab
Trader Joe’s Dried Seaweed Salad with Spicy Dressing – undeclared peanuts
Organic Traditions Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts and Dark Chocolate Almonds – may contain undeclared milk
Omaha Steaks Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo – undeclared egg
Wholesome@Home Classic Chicken Noodle Soup – labeled as Loaded Baked Potato soup

Fosforel Atlantika herring filets in oil – possible Listeria contamination

Rhino 5 Plus, Maxtremezen and Extenzone – contain unapproved new drugs
RezzRX – undeclared prescription drugs
P-Boost, NatuRECT – undeclared prescription drugs
OxyELITE Pro Dietary Supplements – may cause liver damage
Hydravax – undeclared prescription drugs
EnhanceRx – undeclared milk products
Zanocap – undeclared milk products

Bacon, ham, uncooked poultry, jerky, and sausage sold under the following brand names were recalled because they were processed under “unsanitary conditions.”

  • Colorado’s Best Beef
  • Corner Post Meats
  • Four Sisters Farm
  • Heart Rock Bison
  • High Point Bison
  • Horned Beef
  • James Ranch
  • Long Family Farms
  • Luc’s Pizza
  • Mile High Hungarian Sausage
  • Mountain States Poultry & Meats
  • Old Style Sausage
  • Open A Bar 2
  • Rocky Plains Quality Meats
  • Schmidt’s Bakery & Deli
  • Wag’s Livestock
  • Wayne’s Specialty Meats
  • Windsor Dairy
  • Wyoming Pure Beef
  • Yauk’s Specialty Meats

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