Christmas Tree Lot Volunteer Spots Diamond Ring & Gets To Play Santa Claus By Returning It

Silly diamonds — they’re constantly going around getting themselves lost, which is a bummer for the owners. But then when they make their way back, it’s all sweetness and light and isn’t Christmas the best? That was the case for a woman who lost a ring given to her by her rekindled flame, an elementary school sweetheart.

A volunteer at a Christmas tree lot spotted it in a pile of needles and tree debris and made it her mission to reunite it with its owner, reports ABC News (link has autoplay video, sigh)

“When I saw it, I said, ‘God, this is really a pretty ring. Somebody’s going to be heartbroken,” the volunteer said of her discovery. “I was raking and when I looked down, it was like a star. It just glittered,” she explained. “I bent down and picked it up and there it was. It was beautiful.”

Her first thought was to hang onto it and find the owner, which she tried to do by contacting her local media to spread the word.

“The brother of the girl saw it on television and told her,” said the volunteer.

“I was screaming and running around the house,” said the ring’s owner, who explained that she realized she’d lost the ring after visiting the tree lot.

“That night when I went home [I] realized that usually my two rings click together,” she said. “And I noticed when I was laying in bed that they weren’t, so I panicked a little bit.”

It’s not just that it was a diamond ring, but that her boyfriend had just given it to her two months ago — they used to be elementary school sweethearts and had only recently reunited.

“I knew it was her the moment she was walking up,” the tree volunteer says of meeting the woman to give her the ring back. “We just hugged each other and she had a few tears.

Lost Diamond Ring in Christmas Tree Lot Returned to Grateful Owner [ABC News]

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