Company Founder Stands Up For Employees On Facebook, Rewarded With Deluge Of Sales

holiday_bottlesSome people might be shocked to hear us say it, but sometimes the customer is wrong. When a customer posted an all-caps rant about the terrible customers service of Liberty Bottleworks on the company’s Facebook page, the company could have politely addressed her concerns. They could have deleted and ignored her message. They did not do either of those things.

Instead, the company’s founder and chief operating officer defended the company, cast the customer’s actions in a bad light, and defended his employees’ right to have lives outside of work. What kind of un-American madness is this?

An ex-employee posted the exchange to Reddit, redacting the name of the customer and some other information.

liberty smackdown

If the text is a little small, you can click to read. Here’s a key excerpt:

Your voicemail stated ‘it is the holidays, you should be working’ and your email stated, ‘Instead of doing my Christmas cards and enjoying the holiday spirit I was dealing with this.’ Perhaps you need to spend a bit more time embracing the holiday spirit. You see, my employees were home with their families doing their cards, baking cookies, etc. Family first, product second.

The customer was undeterred, and HappyPlace preserved her public response to the company.


Still, the company reports fantastic sales since the exchange first hit Reddit, striking a chord with anyone who has ever held a customer service job.

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