Sheriff: Co-Worker Shot Up Walmart Employee Of The Month’s Car

At Walmart, the Employee of the Month award comes with no cash or prizes. The title is the honor. That honor was important enough at one Florida Walmart that a co-worker who didn’t get the honor shot at the car of the official Employee of the Month.

We’re guessing that there was more to this feud than just the Employee of the Month contest. However, a sheriff’s department spokesperson told the local CBS affiliate that the feud started with bad feelings after the victim won the honor.

The alleged shooter argued with the Employee of the Month about their current workload shortly after the award was announced. According to the sheriff’s office, surveillance cameras caught someone rolling down a rear car window and firing a gun into the victim’s car in the store parking lot. The victim was not in the vehicle at the time.

The alleged shooter is no longer eligible for the Employee of the Month honor at that Walmart, since he no longer works at the store. “I think we see why he wasn’t chosen as employee of the month,” observed the sheriff’s spokesperson.

Investigators know about the argument that took place hours before the shooting, but aren’t sure why the dispute escalated to violence against an innocent car.

CBS4 Exclusive: Wal-Mart Employee Arrested For Shooting Co-Worker’s Car Over Award [CBS Chicago]

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