You Can Have Any Pizza, As Long As It’s Cheese Or Pepperoni

anypizzaBrandon discovered this great deal at Whole Foods: customers can get “any” hot pizza to take out for only $10…as long as it’s cheese or pepperoni. The grocer’s understanding of the word “any” is obviously a little bit fuzzy here. 

There are many other promotions that Whole Foods could do based on this theme. For example, they could offer the sale “every day” (Thursday only.) Or they could offer a sale on all foods with tomato sauce in them (pizza only.)

The possibilities are endless! In other departments, they could have 50 cent per pound fruit (bananas only) or $2 per half gallon milk (soy only.) You can make a lot more money when you strip the word “any” of all meaning.

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  1. ComputerGary says:

    I once had one of those peel-off instant win food prizes for any breakfast sandwich from McDonalds. So I turned it in and asked for a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. Trouble is, the prize piece had a picture of an egg McMuffin, and the manager interpreted it to mean I could redeem it ONLY for an egg McMuffin, despite the presence of the word ANY.

  2. CzarChasm says:

    I’m not sure about whole foods but some places, such as the Sam’s club near me, ONLY make cheese and pepperoni pizzas normally. It could be that they didn’t want people coming in and complaining about wanting toppings they don’t normally have.