Not Everything Should Be A Holiday Gift: Band-Aid Edition

bandaid_giftWhat makes a good gift for a child? Toys, clothing, the occasional pair of novelty socks, and then more toys are what most families go with. Then there’s this Christmas-themed Band-Aids commercial, which encourages us to give first-aid supplies as gifts.

Maybe there is a particularly accident-prone and practical child out there with a favorite cartoon character. Maybe there are many of them. It’s probably cheaper to buy plain, off-brand bandages, and then cartoon character stickers for your child to plaster on everything, though.

“Talk about desperately trying to capitalize from the holidays, because no, no, no, and no. Bandages DO NOT make good holiday gifts,” writes tipster Kelso. He imagines the scene when children return to school after Christmas break.

“Hey kids, what did you get for Christmas?”
Carrie: I got a bicycle!
Joey: I got a puppy!
Michael: I got a computer tablet!
Annie: I got a box of Band-Aids. big tears well up in her eyes and roll down her cheeks

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    actually this would have been a good gift for me as a kid. considering i got a lot of toothpaste and underwear for christmas, and also skinned me knees on a regular basis, fun bandaids would have beat AIM or Crest any christmas. at least as a little item in my stocking. wrapped up as a “primary gift” under the tree? oh, hell no!
    but little girls who skin their knees and would otherwise get toothpaste in their stockings is a very obscure niche market.

    • IrishLad118 says:

      I tend to agree with you here. The first thing I thought was, “that’s totally something my mom would have put in our stockings when we were kids!” While it’s not something I would want to unwrap from underneath the tree, it would be something fun to pull out of your stocking. I have had socks, underwear, chapstick, and other assorted practical items shoved into my stocking over the years. Perhaps they should more specifically market them as stocking stuffers.

      • theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

        definitely a stocking stuffer item.
        although, i got nostalgic and looked up a picture of what was in my stocking one year. i completely would have ignored even the cutest bandaids in favor of the books. i think i was a little older when the toothpaste started.
        but the underwear was always a wrapped present under the tree. huge disappointment!
        books for C'mas

  2. philwl says:

    We used themed Band-Aids as stocking stuffers when the kids were small. They loved them – and really did remember which cartoon character was theirs later on…

    • llamalluv says:

      I think the person that wrote this article maybe doesn’t have small kids? My two and a half year old wants a band aid for an imaginary boo-boo every single day. Yesterday, he asked for two: one for his belly button and one for his butt.