Not Everything Should Be A Holiday Gift: Band-Aid Edition

bandaid_giftWhat makes a good gift for a child? Toys, clothing, the occasional pair of novelty socks, and then more toys are what most families go with. Then there’s this Christmas-themed Band-Aids commercial, which encourages us to give first-aid supplies as gifts.

Maybe there is a particularly accident-prone and practical child out there with a favorite cartoon character. Maybe there are many of them. It’s probably cheaper to buy plain, off-brand bandages, and then cartoon character stickers for your child to plaster on everything, though.

“Talk about desperately trying to capitalize from the holidays, because no, no, no, and no. Bandages DO NOT make good holiday gifts,” writes tipster Kelso. He imagines the scene when children return to school after Christmas break.

“Hey kids, what did you get for Christmas?”
Carrie: I got a bicycle!
Joey: I got a puppy!
Michael: I got a computer tablet!
Annie: I got a box of Band-Aids. big tears well up in her eyes and roll down her cheeks