It’s That Time Of Year Again: We Want To See How Much Your Kid Hates The Mall Santa Claus

‘Tis the season — to be terrified, angry or just disapproving of mall Santas everywhere if you’re a kid sitting on some stranger’s lap. Last year we had 24 pretty solid examples of our readers’ kids reacting negatively (for lack of a better word) to Santa Claus, and we’re ready to do it again for 2013.

Here’s what we want: A photo of your kid on Santa’s lap with a look that would make one think that Santa is firmly on that child’s naughty list. No, we don’t want your kids to burst into tears, not ever, but if he or she does it while on Santa’s lap, why not share it with the world?

To send in your photos (the larger the better), here’s how you go about it:

1. Attach it in email with the subject line SCARY SANTA
2. Include your child’s name and age in the body of the email, along with any anecdotes about the experience.
3. Send it to

Please note, you need to be the child’s parent for your photo submission to be published, or we’ll have to get permission directly from the parents if you’re someone’s uncle or aunt. Gotta prove that stuff.

We’ll round them all up and post them closer to Christmas, so we can really get into the spirit of the holiday. Because no adult in costume is more frightening to kids than Santa — besides clowns. Clowns are just… wrong.

For example! Here’s Teddy (in a nice, big photo size), 11 months, and his dog Bandit — his mom Naomi (a friend of Consumerist) says this is the closest they could get to him smiling. He appears unimpressed.

Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.

Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.

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