What Should I Do If No One Accepts My Chobani Recall Coupons?

imgresRemember the Chobani yogurt recall this past fall, when fungal contamination led to sour-tasting, occasionally-exploding yogurts distributed nationwide? Chobani made it up to their customers by sending coupons so they could replace their contaminated products. The problem with that is that some grocers won’t accept these coupons.
Yes, the very ones that sold the contaminated yogurts in the first place. Reader David reports that he hasn’t been able to redeem his coupons, since retailers are often suspicious of “free product” coupons. We definitely understand that.

“We were one of many families who bought the recalled product,” writes David. “Replacement coupons were sent. Stores would not accept them. A second batch was mailed. Same result/problem.”

Two batches of coupons? Oh, dear. We contacted Chobani for some advice, and their recommendation was…to contact Chobani for some more coupons. “We understand it can be a frustrating situation, and promise to do whatever it takes to ensure our consumers are fully satisfied,” a company spokesperson told Consumerist. If you can’t find a retailer that will exchange your coupon for yogurts, call them at (877) 847-6181 send an e-mail via www.chobani.com/care for replacement coupons or a refund.

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