Has Consumerist Helped You? We Want To Hear About It

We’re coming up on a bit of a milestone here at Consumerist, an occasion that may or may not be marked with party hats, whizzamajig sound makers and a cake full of bacon and cheese (not to be confused with a bacon cheesecake). There’s something you fine folks out there could do to help us celebrate: If we’ve ever helped you, we want to hear about it.

For example, tell us a story about a time when either information you gleaned from reading Consumerist helped you solve a problem or got you out of a tight spot.

Or if we were able to assist you in a particularly gnarly customer service situation, perhaps by getting involved with a company or business on your behalf, let us hear those stories as well.

It’s not just about us patting our own backs — that’s so unsatisfying, by the way — but it helps us, too. Not only will this exercise help mark the aforementioned upcoming event, it also gets us thinking up new ways we can help you, our readers. Because you’re the reason we’re here, and there’s no other way we’d rather celebrate than by continuing to get things done for you.

Send your stories to the tip line: tips@consumerist.com with the subject line CELEBRATE, and thank you in advance!

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