Giant M&M’s Coming For People Who Need Triple Chocolate

MM-MegaDo you enjoy M&M’s, but find that they just don’t contain enough chocolate? We’re pretty sure that no one has ever had that problem, but M&M’s/Mars has solved it anyway with the creation of M&M’s Mega. Each candy has three times as much chocolate as a regular M&M, coated with the traditional candy shell.

Sure, you could eat equal weights of regular M&M’s or of M&M’s Minis, but there would be a different proportion of chocolate to candy coating. Low-carb is in style now, you know.

The candies won’t hit shelves until May 2014, so you’ll have to cope with only regular-size M&M’s until then.

M&M’s to Launch ‘Mega’ Version with Triple the Chocolate [Foodbeast]

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    i’m torn. portion control is certainly easy with small ones. but with mega sized m&m’s, not so much with larger pieces.
    but they’d sure look fun in a candy dish