Egg Pricing At Target Doesn’t Even Pretend To Make Sense

Reader Daniel sent us what looked like a straightforward case of fuzzy math. At his local Target, a half-dozen eggs cost 99¢, while a dozen of the same exact eggs cost $2.09. Or do they?


“They are the same product, just different quantities,” Daniel wrote. “What’s even more amusing is the half dozen containers are just the dozen ones cut in half.” Well, that doesn’t make very much sense, unless Target is charging customers extra for the privilege of not having to pick up two separate half-dozens.


Except…wait a minute. The shelf tag for the eggs on the left says something about brown eggs. Maybe Target is really charging twelve cents extra for the privilege of having brown eggs. (Why do brown eggs always seem better, anyway? I’d pay an extra twelve cents for brown eggs any day, and I can’t articulate why.)

We wrote back to Daniel about this, and he said…well, actually, those eggs in the white boxes on the left are conventionally raised eggs with white shells, so even if it isn’t the same container, they’re the same darn eggs.

Maybe it’s time to revive our “Target is Crazy” series.


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