Egg Pricing At Target Doesn’t Even Pretend To Make Sense

Reader Daniel sent us what looked like a straightforward case of fuzzy math. At his local Target, a half-dozen eggs cost 99¢, while a dozen of the same exact eggs cost $2.09. Or do they?


“They are the same product, just different quantities,” Daniel wrote. “What’s even more amusing is the half dozen containers are just the dozen ones cut in half.” Well, that doesn’t make very much sense, unless Target is charging customers extra for the privilege of not having to pick up two separate half-dozens.


Except…wait a minute. The shelf tag for the eggs on the left says something about brown eggs. Maybe Target is really charging twelve cents extra for the privilege of having brown eggs. (Why do brown eggs always seem better, anyway? I’d pay an extra twelve cents for brown eggs any day, and I can’t articulate why.)

We wrote back to Daniel about this, and he said…well, actually, those eggs in the white boxes on the left are conventionally raised eggs with white shells, so even if it isn’t the same container, they’re the same darn eggs.

Maybe it’s time to revive our “Target is Crazy” series.


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  1. BikerGeek79 says:

    What we have here is a mistake on the part of whomever put those eggs in the styrofoam containers in the wrong spot. Honestly I see that at Target a lot. It looks like perhaps they’re overflow from their own shelf spot, and since eggs have to be refrigerated they can’t just be put into backstock.

    Also, the half-dozen containers aren’t just dozen containers that have been cut in half by employees. For one thing, they wouldn’t trust just anyone who has a box cutter to go hacking those things apart. There’s a food safety issue there. For another, the containers each clearly say “Half dozen” on them, and each crate has its own bar code so it can be scanned.

    So I really don’t see the story here, other than trying to whip up some more “Target is bad at math har har har” pageviews.

  2. JoeBlow says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is here, possibly because the pieces of text are separated by photos. Here’s what I have so far:
    The price tags indicate that 6 white eggs are $0.99, and 12 brown eggs cost $2.09
    The eggs stocked above the price tag for a dozen brown eggs are actually a dozen white eggs.
    Someone finds the concept of a “half dozen” carton being a one-dozen carton cut in half amusing, even though it’s probably actually a great manufacturing decision.

    Now, going back to my elementary school education lesson on “unnecessary information” I can see that the part about the half-cartons doesn’t really matter. So what we are left with sounds like there is either an improperly stocked or labelled shelf (they either need brown eggs there, or to remove the brown egg tag and print one up for a dozen white eggs), or possibly a mislabeled SKU, where they actually intend to charge 2.09 for a dozen white eggs.