Calgary Dinner Bandit Is The Closest Thing Canada Has To A Super Villain

We’ve had plenty of stories about bad consumers who dine and dash, including some who go to extreme lengths like faking seizures to get out of it. But because Canada is Canada, of course the closest thing they have to a super villain wreaking havoc for businesses is a well-dressed 20-something guy with a penchant for eating expensive meals before making a “quiet exit.”

There have been several reports in the last month in Calgary about this fellow, who goes about in three-piece suits, looking like he’d be played by Colin Firth or any of the actors in TinkerTailor Soldier Spy while he sips pricey cocktails and dines on three-course meals at local eateries.

His devious plan is complete when he leaves his wallet on the table — usually a signal that he’ll be coming back — before leaving. But as the seconds tick by, stretching out to an inordinate amount of time for someone to just be in the bathroom, staff at the restaurants have gotten suspicious.

Upon checking the left-behind wallet, servers then realized it was a decoy, with nothing more than magazine clippings lining each pocket, reports

The restaurant community in Calgary is on to you now, Sir Dashing Dasher. As much as we like your style (of clothing, not of committing bad deeds), your looks are against you now that everyone has seen your face.

But really:

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