Bus Tour Shuttling Suburban Christmas Shoppers Away From The Malls And Into Detroit

Detroit has been having a tough go of it for a long time now, with a judge just recently ruling it’s eligible for the bankruptcy it filed for in July. In an effort to infuse the city with more holiday spirit and all the holiday dollars that go along with Christmas shopping, a guided bus excursion is ferrying shoppers from the ‘burbs back into the city.

The magical mystery tour runs this weekend, reports CBS Detroit, and actually it’s not that mysterious: The “Buy Detroit: Independent Shopping Excursion” will transport shoppers from two different suburban locations into the city, with stops at various local stores, for $35.

It’s just one way to try to get people from going out to the malls, and instead back into the city to give its economy a boost, explains the Detroit Bus Company’s tour coordinator.

“Because there’s such an influx of great stores and great new talent coming into the city,” he explained. ”Along with the people who’ve been there for quite a while. A great experience to see what the city has to offer now.”

Along the way the stores will welcome visitors on the tour with special treatment to encourage shoppers to linger awhile with the merchandise.

“A lot of vendors that we’re working with are offering free drinks, champagne, mimosas, snacks, that kind of thing; and then we bring them back to their drop off point,” the coordinator says.

Nothing like a free glass of bubbly to ease buyer’s remorse, that’s what my great-uncle Aloysius always said.

‘Buy Detroit’ Shopping Excursion Buses Suburbanites Into The City [CBS Detroit]

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